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CORAL 65023; FEBRUARY, 1950



One look at this title in late March 2020 and you know right away this record qualifies as a most inappropriate review for this day and age. So let me start off by issuing a strongly worded disclaimer so I’m not at fault for your stupidity if you take song titles and the instructions they give at face value…

Don’t NOT shake hands, not MY hand for damn sure, nor anyone else’s. Social distancing, isolation, quarantine… these are the key words for this time regardless of what a spray tanned empty-headed sock puppet in charge of the country might be inclined to tell you.

But while you’re locked down and sheltering in place you’ll have plenty of free time to look for ways to take your mind off such things as catastrophic worldwide medical calamities and what better way to wile away your hours than by reading about long forgotten records by barely known figures on the fringes of early rock history?

Well, you’re in luck… we just happen to have plenty of those here at absolutely no charge. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors… just make sure you tell them without getting anywhere near them and remember, no matter how grateful they are for you informing them of this delightful website, don’t let them shake your hand in gratitude.
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