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From time to time we have reason to pause in our chronological look at rock history in order to go back and add records we either overlooked or hadn’t been able to originally get our hands on to review or merely changed our mind and decided to throw a record in at the last minute for the sake of completeness.

In this case we definitely had this record scheduled but temporarily put it aside because we couldn’t – and still can’t – find pictures of it on the original Aladdin label. Somehow we never got around to going back to it… until now. Sorry ’bout that.


When two of the biggest names in early rock ‘n’ roll are paired up on a two-part record released at a time when each artist was at their peak (or just about to reach that peak) you’d think that’d be the kind of thing that might draw a little bit of attention at the time, or at the very least would be looked back upon as a major benchmark in rock history that would reverberate through the years.

So why then did this disappear without a trace when it was released and has rarely been talked about much since?

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