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When it comes to music it’s inevitable that we all have certain expectations with records based on past experiences with those artists.

This being the first release by The Falcons you’d think they’d be immune to that sort of thing, but you still have to listen to the two songs on a single one at a time and maybe if the first side you choose is just okay, your expectations for the flip side will still be in flux.

But when that first side makes a deeper impression, as this one did yesterday, then your expectations go up – or down – accordingly.

Down in this case, not because of anything to do with their clearly evident abilities, but rather because it’s so rare for both sides of a record by a complete unknown to hit you with equal force.

This side doesn’t do that by any means, therefore seeming to confirm the validity of a more skeptical view, but the performance at its core does in fact live up to, and in a way surpasses, those lowered expectations. All of which again leads you to wonder why this group didn’t stick around long enough to get enough chances to build their careers up from here and send those expectations through the roof.
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