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You rarely notice time passing in the moment. The seasons may change to let you know your existence isn’t simply one endless week or month, but when you think back from your present station in life it often seems hard to believe that it’s been two whole years since you saw somebody special… or that four years have passed since you first embarked on some major project.

You take things one day at a time, to coin a phrase, and it’s only when a lot of those days have piled up on one another and you attempt to sift through them in order to figure out just how far you’ve traveled that you realize there were more of them than you had realized.

In music though the days have a way of letting you know that time has moved on rather quickly, as the sounds of today will seem out of date just a year or so later, just as the sounds that were widely accepted a short time earlier have become passé.

In spite of this however sometimes singers and musicians can’t help but feel a certain fondness for days gone by and attempt to keep those memories alive a little longer before they fade away completely.
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