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A fitting title for the final pairing between The Robins and Johnny Otis, a record that was cut months earlier before their fallout over Otis trying to cop a measly fifty bucks from them and thus ending a partnership that was advantageous for both parties.

Without The Robins in tow Otis lost a key component to ensure the widest diversity of sounds possible and his commercial fortunes would soon start to taper off compared to the ridiculously high peaks he’d reached throughout 1950 with them as vital contributors. Meanwhile without their primary songwriter and experienced bandleader to shape their material in the studio The Robins themselves would be creatively adrift for a few years until finding equally skilled people to fill those roles.

These no-win situations are never pleasant to encounter and so maybe to ease our sense of loss they give us a more modest track as their parting gift so we don’t get too worked up over their failure to stay the course together.
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