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GOTHAM 227; APRIL 1950



It stands to reason that Harry “Fats” Crafton who made his living for a full decade playing mostly rock ‘n’ roll, even writing one of its first genuine anthems in Rock The Joint, could also enjoy the type of music that was popular when he was coming up in the 1940’s… in fact it’d be almost impossible to think he could’ve somehow escaped its influence even had he tried.

Like so many others who came of age over the past decade Louis Jordan loomed large in his musical DNA and hearing Crafton pay homage to the grandfather of rock by re-working one of his old tunes is hardly something that you could call altogether surprising.

But in doing so with such obvious affection for a style that was getting further and further away in the rear view mirror you find yourself asking… is was this what Harry Crafton would’ve been more comfortable doing all along?
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