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Having just gotten done expressing more resigned disappointment in The Ravens decision to tackle a currently popular record in an effort to score a piggy-back hit to pull them out of their commercial doldrums on Someday, what are the chances that we’re going to find any merit in an even more sedate ballad that adorns the B-side?

Slim meet None. Shake hands, fellas.

Honestly, are we nearing the point where we’re going to have to collectively decide that The Ravens – once the shining light of rock ‘n’ roll when it was emerging from the womb back in late 1947 and early 1948 – have now, just over a year later, turned their back on rock ‘n’ roll entirely and thus should be jettisoned from the roster by the time we reach the 1950’s so we can purge the genre heading into a new decade?

Well, the fact that they’re here for this release tells you they’ve escaped that ignominious fate for now. As for the quality of this side of their latest record… umm… well, to be perfectly upfront about it, we’re happy to report that there might actually be more here than meets the eye for those who want to stick with them – and with us – as we delve into The Ravens latest stylistic balancing act.
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