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They couldn’t have known that they were poking a bear with a stick.

All The Ray-O-Vacs were doing was trying to find some moderately familiar song with a nice enough melody that they might possibly be able to do justice to.

It wasn’t as if they thought the song might actually get them a hit. After all it was intended to be nothing more than a recognizable title for a B-side, and since it wasn’t going to turn any heads, certainly not in the rock community, there was no reason for them to fear that another more potent group might see the record as a prime candidate for a quick cover version to steal some sales.

Heck, they did it in such a listless manner it’s hard to believe a livelier rock group would be able to stay awake for the entire record, let alone be inspired to actually take it as a challenge and set about blowing up the tame version delivered by the older group who were clearly on their last legs by now.

But that’s what you get for underestimating the competitive drive of Billy Ward and The Dominoes.
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