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There are little more than thin lines separating confidence, cockiness and arrogance.

Confidence is internal, a quiet self-assurance that you’re going to succeed no matter the situation. Others can see it in you, but you aren’t concerned if they don’t.

Cockiness is external, the point where you’re so confident in yourself that you want others to see it, but you still manage to do so in an endearing way… a self-deprecating smile here and there which lets people know that sometimes even you can’t believe you’re as good as you are.

Arrogance is is something else altogether, building yourself up to the point where you don’t think you CAN fail, then announcing it publicly so you can antagonize others so they’ll root against you, allowing you to gloat if you back up your boasts in the end.

Though at times all three may fall short in their efforts, it’s only the third category where that failure is universally celebrated because others felt they had it coming.
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