DERBY 793; APRIL 1952



Oh, c’mon now, surely THIS is one we can skip, can’t we?

I mean, do we really have to cover every side of every damn single released by a rock artist for seventy-six years (and counting)?

There has to be some songs that aren’t worth delving into and a non-charting and unmemorable rock version of a jazz standard by Glenn Miller by someone who has released dozens of similar stylistic remakes of old songs from different genres is as likely a candidate for omission as we’re going to find.

Nobody would even notice, let alone complain, if this didn’t appear. It’s taken us six months to just start getting into the fourth month of 1952 and with more rock records by more rock artists to cover this year than last, can’t we take some liberties and…

Are you even paying attention to me? Have you been listening to these reasons or are you already thumbing through your thesaurus looking for new words to describe the same old stuff for the umpeenth time?

Ahh, *#*$&@!… alright, go ahead and write it. It doesn’t mean anyone is actually gonna read it though.
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