Record label started in 1948 by the famed gospel group The Coleman Brothers, one of many business sidelines the group engaged in at the time, which included restaurants and a large hotel in Newark which was a stopping ground for any and all black artists as they came through town. Though all of the brothers took part in the operations, Melvin Coleman quit recording with the group to manage the label which lasted a full decade until Melvin’s death, upon which time it was sold to Savoy Records.

Though its output naturally consisted of a generous helping of gospel music, they scored a national hit with the first record by self-contained rock group The Ray-O-Vacs on the label’s first release in its secular line in December 1948, but following that group’s departure had no other success in this realm.
COLEMAN RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY (Records Reviewed To Date On Spontaneous Lunacy):
THE RAY-O-VACS: I’ll Always Be In Love With You (7) (Coleman 100; December, 1948)
THE RAY-O-VACS: Groovin’ Low (2) (Coleman 100; December, 1948)
THE RAY-O-VACS: Happy Am I (4) (Coleman 105; April, 1949)
THE RAY-O-VACS: Why Did You Break My Heart (2) (Coleman 105; April, 1949)
THE RAY-O-VACS: I’m The Baby Now (5) (Coleman 112; July, 1949)
THE RAY-O-VACS: Hot Dog (1) (Coleman 112; July, 1949)
MR. GOOGLE EYES: Young Boy (7) (Coleman 118; August, 1949)
MR. GOOGLE EYES: Poppa Stoppa’s Be Bop Blues (4) (Coleman 118; August, 1949)