Small, short lived Texas based independent label started in 1948 by Eddie Henry, owner of Eddie’s Record Shop on Dowling Street in Houston, who’d been so impressed by local teenage singer/pianist Little Willie Littlefield that he formed a label to capitalize on his talents. Though they issued a few records by other artists in their year as an active company, essentially they were an early example of a boutique label that existed with the express purpose of a single potential star.

When running a label proved too much to effectively handle Henry encouraged fellow Houston entrepreneur Saul Kahl to start a label of his own and transferred his last remaining side by Littlefield to Freedom Records which had more success nationally and helped show that Texas’s largest metropolis was indeed big enough to compete, however briefly, with the labels from bigger cities.

While Littlefield’s contract was not part of the bargain and he soon headed to Modern Records in Los Angeles where he fully blossomed, Eddie Henry quietly folded shop in early 1949. He passed away just two years later, an obscure footnote in rock’s larger story perhaps but another example of the types of small time dreamers who were attracted to rock ‘n’ roll at the start and who, in some small way, helped contribute to its growing presence on the scene and in the process gave one future hit-maker in Littlefield, and another short-lived label with hits of its own in Freedom Records, their start.

EDDIE’S RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY (Records Reviewed To Date On Spontaneous Lunacy):
LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Little Willie’s Boogie (7) (Eddie’s Records 1202; September, 1948)
LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: My Best Wishes (4) (Eddie’s Records 1202; September, 1948)
CLARENCE GREEN: Green’s Bounce (4) (Eddie’s Records 1207; November, 1948)
HUBERT ROBINSON: H. R. Jumps (4) (Eddie’s Records 1211; January, 1949)
LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Boogie Woogie Playgirl (4) (Eddie’s Records 1212; January, 1949)
LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Swanee River (5) (Eddie’s Records 1212; January, 1949)