A small and very shortlived New York based label started by Ed Levy and Herb Zebley in late 1949 ostensibly to record The Shadows, a vocal group managed by Levy.

The company also put out some gospel records and various odds and ends but though their very first release was a national hit they didn’t have the financial means to sustain the operation and within a few months the label was shut down after issuing just a handful of records and the remaining masters were sold to Bobby Shad’s Sittin’ In With Records in the summer of 1950.

LEE RECORDINGS DISCOGRAPHY (Records Reviewed To Date On Spontaneous Lunacy):

THE SHADOWS: I’ve Been A Fool (8) (Lee 200; December, 1949)
THE SHADOWS: Nobody Knows (5) (Lee 200; December, 1949)
THE SHADOWS: I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Blue (3) (Lee 202; February, 1950)
THE SHADOWS: You Are Closer To My Heart (Than My Shadow) (6) (Lee 202; February, 1950)