A subsidiary of Aladdin Records that was most notable for being the label on which the company placed the first release of some notable names before switching them to the parent label for their next release. Since Score was not run independently they used the same facilities and producers, including Maxwell Davis, which made much of their output of the same high quality as that which was released on Aladdin.

Unfortunately their numbering system was nonsensical, as their first release, Score 4001 came out in May 1948 and a year later they were up to only Score 4010. However they hadn’t cut or released some of the numbers in between which is why Score 4008 (not recorded until August 1949), came out in October of that year. In spite of this inauspicious start, they remained an Aladdin subsidiary into the mid-1950’s.

SCORE RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY (Records Reviewed To Date On Spontaneous Lunacy):

THE ROBINS: You Sure Look Good To Me (6) (Score 4010; May, 1949)
THE ROBINS: Around About Midnight (6) (Score 4010; May, 1949)