Though a short-lived label under this name without any significant records to show for it, Swing Beat is merely a transitional name chosen by founder Jack Lauderdale who was forced to change the name of his first company Down Beat Records when the popular jazz magazine Downbeat objected to the far too similar appellation.

Lauderdale hastily came up with Swing Beat (or just Swing on some releases), keeping the same look on the label itself, but after just a few releases spanning the fall and early winter of 1949 he switched to Swing Time Records which remained in business with such prominent names as Lowell Fulson and Ray Charles – both of whom had been with him since it was Down Beat – until Lauderdale got out of the record industry and became involved with hotels in 1952.

SWING BEAT DISCOGRAPHY (Records Reviewed To Date On Spontaneous Lunacy):

MAXWELL DAVIS: Hung Out (4) (Swing Beat 191; October, 1949)
MAXWELL DAVIS: Th’ Bop Hop (5) (Swing Beat 191; October, 1949)
THE MAXIN TRIO: Rocking Chair Blues (4) (Swing Beat 212; November, 1949)