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For those with long memories you may recall that I started reviewing the first records released in 1950 at the very start of 2020 so I could tell at a glance how things were progressing. I estimated at the time it’d take about 15 months to get through that year’s records but it soon became obvious that I was way off in my projections.

Then when the pandemic started that spring the site grew in popularity because people were locked down and looking for ways to kill time… so taking advantage of their misery I decided to add to it by increasing the reviews from four a week to seven to ensure all visitors had something new to read each day. Somehow, even when lockdowns eased and every intelligent person was vaxxed and able to resume normal daily activities, I managed to keep that pace up which only ensured that it wouldn’t take more than two full years to cover just one calendar year (1950).

Looking at what lays ahead however and seeing the ever increasing number of rock releases that are looming over the next next decade I realized that even at one review per day it’ll take twenty five or thirty years just to get to the dawn of the 1960’s, to say nothing of how long it’ll be before I can cover the birth of hip-hop (1979). By the time I’m writing about the Twenty-First century’s music it will surely be the dawn of the 24th century and if immortality doesn’t pan out for me then you’re out of luck if you want to read about Rihanna’s next release (which should come out just as the 22nd century is on the imminent horizon by the looks of it!).

So something had to change which meant either eliminating “non-essential” artists, or at least some B-sides, or speeding up the reviews by posting more than one a day.


Weighing The Options
I really didn’t want to excise any artists or records because the whole point of this project is to cover all of rock, the good, the bad and the ugly. To learn how rock evolved you need to show what failed to work and consequently fell by the wayside to make room for the stuff that advanced the cause more efficiently and creatively. So the obscurities and minor efforts will remain on the docket no matter what.

To that end we’ve just passed 1,200 reviews this past week and I think that makes us the only site online that has devoted this much space to this much music from this era of rock. If nothing else I’m proudest of that accomplishment because it was becoming obvious that much of this music would’ve otherwise been lost to time unless somebody tried to remedy that.

But I have started to become a little more judicious when it comes to flip-sides, though I have to admit I haven’t been entirely happy with what I’ve chosen to omit the last few weeks – some for being too poppish, others for being too bluesy. It’s hard when you’re used to including everything to consciously leave something out that’s pretty good, or at least somewhat interesting, but I’m trying to rein things in just a little… it’s a work in progress though.

But in spite of this trimming of the rolls if this plan was to really work it fell mostly to the second option, which is to try and crank out even more of these things than I’ve been doing. I started experimenting with this the last two weeks and during that time I’ve covered twenty records, a 40% increase over what I’d been averaging the last year and a half (and a whopping 150% increase over the previous standard).

Despite it being a lot to have to write this was the time of year to try it out as the summer’s endless beach days and all night parties have finally died down and so we’ll get to see if it can be done without much drop-off in quality (assuming the reviews had any quality to begin with).

New Posts Schedule
So that’s going to be the goal, at least until summer rolls around again… ten posts per week which should give us about an extra hundred records being reviewed over the next seven months. Not a huge amount in the big scheme of things but at least it means that the records we cover in April are ones that otherwise wouldn’t have been reviewed until late August or September 2022.

Here’s how it will work…

Generally speaking the great records (8 and above) will still be given a full day on the front page (which is where everyone should set their bookmarks). This will ensure that the maximum amount of people will see them right as they come in.

As usual the first review of a day will go up in the early morning (U.S. time) while the second review might appear anywhere from eight to sixteen hours later depending on how efficient I am, so check back. If you’re afraid you’ve missed any the front page has links for the six most recent posts at the bottom with the intros for them, while each full review page has the Recent Posts list on the right side to scan the titles of the last eight entries.

While you’re here though, surely waiting breathlessly for each new post, be sure to click on the Amazon links found in most of the reviews (usually the album cover halfway down). Remember, you don’t have to buy the specific product we linked to – that’s just to get you there from our site so we get “affiliate” credit for all your purchases made while you’re still there from that click-through – so just buy whatever garbage you were going to buy from them anyway which just gives us a cut of their massive corporate profits.

Since this site is always free to read with no banner ads or pop-ups to annoy you, this revenue stream will help pay for my added workload as well as the frequent Caribbean vacations that will be needed to recover from the burn-out which is sure to follow.


I’ll probably keep moving this post back to the front page at various times this coming week, just so that everybody is aware of these changes if they’re not making daily pilgrimages here as they should be. That doesn’t mean there aren’t new reviews to be read though, just go to the bottom if you’ve already read this and click the link for the Previous Post