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DOT 1016; NOVEMBER 1950



There’s not much reason for us to examine a record that was put to wax three whole years earlier just as rock ‘n’ roll itself was getting off the ground, especially when the artist himself was hardly a committed rocker even later under the best of circumstances… yet here we are anyway.

Surely if we’re bemoaning the length of time it’s taking us to get to the end of 1950 this was one side we could’ve jettisoned from the roll call without anybody minding – or noticing – its absence.

But Cecil Gant is no ordinary figure in rock’s ongoing story. A musical vagabond in every way, the dominant theme of his career is the fact he was such a transient figure and to show that we have to review things like this.

So not for the first time – and surely not the last – we ask your indulgence so we can take another look at somebody who never really had a place to call home.
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