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FREEDOM 1501; MARCH, 1949


We need to go back in time a couple of months to March of 1949 in order to give a proper introduction to an artist who will soon factor in to where we’re headed as of August 1949 as we go along our journey in rock history. We know you won’t mind much…


A new day, a new record label springing up in the field of rock ‘n’ roll, though to be honest it’s hard to say for sure they started off intending to ply their trade in the rock field.

But timing and circumstances conspired to steer them in that direction and while Freedom Records would only last three years and score very few hits along the way while not even really launching any careers of certifiable superstars, their impact on the future sounds of rock was immense.

Though this project is about rock music and the records released over the seven plus decades (and counting) that comprised that music as well as the artists who made them, there still needed to be a way for those artists and those records to be heard and that means the underlying story here is that of the record labels who specialized in their brand of sonic mayhem.

All stories have to start somewhere however so here’s three stories kicking off in one review.
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