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LONDON 17002; DECEMBER, 1949



As to the question posed by the title of this record, although I wasn’t around to to hear the exchange between Sam and his friend Paul Bascomb, allow me to venture a few guesses as to exactly what Sam said.

Are you sure this is rock ‘n’ roll and not some jazzman’s interpretation of it, Paul?

So tell me how someone from Alabama like you wound up on an American imprint of a British label anyway?

Did you see that girl by the bar? I think she wants me.

What do your jazz friends think of you slumming in rock ‘n’ roll? Have they stopped talking to you altogether yet or do they think you’re just putting everybody on?

Do you think I should walk over there and ask for her number?

Tell the truth, have you ever even been to Great Britain?

So what are your plans for New Year’s Eve, Manhattan Paul? Are you taking Miss. Staten Island out on the town?

If you ask me rock isn’t the best move for you to make if you’re really serious about quitting jazz… the next big thing is polka music. Trust me on this. They love it in Chicago and it’s absolutely huge in Milwaukee… I’m tellin’ ya, it’ll open up the entire Midwest market for you.

Do you have change for a dollar? I need to go feed the meter.

So if the rock fans don’t go for this record are you going to finally get out of music and open up that bait and tackle shop back home like you talked about on that fishing trip we took last year? You know, there’s lots of money in worms…

C’mon, seriously, Paul, tell me the truth… do you think that girl by the bar is interested in me or not?
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