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MGM 10761; AUGUST 1950



Truths and lies are usually pretty clear cut. Either something is factual or it’s not, end of story. But there’s a pesky detail called grey areas that often blurs the line between the two.

When assessing where something falls within that span a lot comes down to what you’re willing to omit. Something may not be the whole truth, but it’s not quite a lie either… it all comes down to perspective.

With Ivory Joe Hunter’s output the truth is that he covered a lot of stylistic ground and not every record fit neatly into ready-made categories for easy reference and so in many cases there was a lot of grey area to consider.

All of which leads to this disclaimer…. While it might not be technically true to call this an honest-to-goodness rock song, it might not be a lie to say it’s being called one simply for the sake of inclusion.
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