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Getting into pointless battles of one-upsmanship when it comes to debating the travails you had to go through in life is never a pretty thing.

You sprained your wrist, I broke an arm… you lost your keys, my car was stolen… you stubbed your toe, I had my leg mangled in a freak thresher accident… you can see how nobody wins in this kind of game.

But those who feel like playing it anyway probably think that they can “beat” anybody in their tale of woe when it comes to what they’ve had to endure in 2020 with a global pandemic that has resulted in three million infections and counting in the United States alone, widespread job loss and long stretches of isolation… until of course you realize that the rest of civilization is suffering through the exact same issues and thus your scorecard looks no different than anybody else’s.

Yet Jimmy Liggins would’ve probably gladly traded months of mask wearing, hand-washing and social distancing for the good of society for what he went through starting in April 1949 when he was one of rock’s biggest stars who suddenly found himself nearly killed when he was shot in the face at close range while playing a concert which kept him hospitalized for months as he tried to recover.

Now, just under a year later, he’s lost his entire band, multiple teeth and nearly his tongue in the ordeal and is still not quite back in action but here he is releasing another record to see if his rudely interrupted career can begin to get back on track.
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