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The brief working relationship between The Robins and Johnny Otis on Savoy Records lasted for a total of about two months and one recording session which resulted in only one hit under The Robins own name.

The flip side of their hit, that would be this song in case you were wondering, may be flawed but it provides an opportunity to see just how much promise the group had while working under a skilled bandleader in Otis who might’ve otherwise been able to harness their strengths, shore up their weaknesses while providing the type of sympathetic and cutting edge musical backing with his unrivaled band.

But as we know it wasn’t to be. The two sides split acrimoniously over Johnny’s unfortunate hand-in-the-cookie-jar actions following their breakthrough and even their valued presence on a concurrent hit headlined by Little Esther cut at the same fateful December session which soon vaulted to the top of the charts, Otis foolishly thought The Robins were replaceable… reasoning that anyone, including his own band members, could do the vocal asides in that number.

If he was right about that (and for the record he probably wasn’t, even if he got away with it on tour) he sure as hell underestimated what The Robins brought to the table on their own.
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