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If there was a rough blueprint being established for independent record labels coming along as the 1940’s gave way to the 1950’s it would generally go as follows:

Find one or two halfway talented singers or musicians who haven’t caught a break yet and convince them that you’re their ticket to stardom and pour most of your time, money and energy into cultivating their career in the hopes of getting your company established with at least a regional hit or two.

Then while you’re doing this simply fill in the roster with whatever assortment of local wanna-be artists to ensure that there’s a steady stream of releases to entice distributors into building a working relationship with your label.

Chances are you’d still be out of business in a year or two but at least you’d be cannily hedging your bets and playing the percentages rather than merely waiting for lightning to strike and some budding superstar to come waltzing through your doors.
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