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When you stop and think about it there really aren’t many Labor Day Songs that have entered into the public’s consciousness over the years for some reason… and for that matter we don’t have an abundance of Thanksgiving Day carols we sing around the turkey either.

While Valentine’s Day is a boon for florists, candy manufacturers and restaurants seeking a respite from a slow winter season the same can’t be said for radio stations who’d surely love to flood the airwaves with a few weeks of valentine music to serenade you while you shop for expensive jewelry for the girl you’ll break up with before Memorial Day rolls around three months later. And although it’s true you may get slightly ill eating corn beef and cabbage and downing a few pints of Irish ale in the third week in March you surely won’t get sick of hearing a steady stream of St. Patrick’s Day songs everywhere you go that week.

I’m sure there are some who try and rouse interest for patriotic hymns on the Fourth Of July but you’d never hear them of over the din of fireworks exploding in the sky, and truth be told the number of classic Arbor Day songs equals the number of people who immediately can name what day of the year Arbor Day actually falls on.

When you get right down to it the list of widely known holiday songs isn’t very many once you set aside the few thousand Christmas carols everybody hears nonstop for a month or more at the end of each year. Outside of that however all you really have is an Easter song or two and a few tunes that have been appropriated for Halloween because of their macabre content but which had no intention of being connected to that day when they were made…

Oh, and two eternal chestnuts for New Year’s Eve.
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