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DELUXE 3219; APRIL, 1949



There are times around here when trying to review practically every record to come down the pike in rock history where we can offer something a little more substantive than merely noting who the bass player was on a particular track, or detailing how various record companies heartily patted the artists on the back when they walked in the studio, only for that artist to find that in doing so they had also lifted their wallet out of their back pocket with the other hand.

Those tales are interesting for sure, hopefully somewhat informative and maybe even entertaining to boot, but aside from trying to give the proper credit to those who created rock ‘n’ roll and kept it going one record at a time all of these years it could be argued that our efforts are not otherwise accomplishing much.

Which is why every once in awhile we’re happy that we get the chance to provide a public service with what we write and today is just such a day.

The topic is sex.

Hmm… yeah, I figured that’d bring back any reform school dropouts who were fearing a boring lesson in civics or a detailed presentation on the importance of flossing after meals.

Instead we’ll talk about the birds and the bees which is a topic that rock ‘n’ roll has never had much trouble delving into.
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