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DOT 1010; AUGUST 1950



It’s (pick one) sad, funny, strange… how landmark songs can sometimes find themselves sort of cast aside despite their importance at the time.

In this case we have a female artist scoring a hit her first time out in what has been to date (unfortunately) largely a male driven genre which gives it some added cultural impact.

We also have a new record label who in short order will go on to pillory rock ‘n’ roll itself by releasing most of the hugely popular white pop cover versions of rock songs that will leave such a stain on the 1950’s music scene. Yet this record, the one that began their sizable empire, is not only a pure rock song but also a rather blatant ode to such sundry topics as sex, prostitution and other uninhibited affairs of the heart… or loins.

It’s also a damn good song in its own right, one that deserves more historical cache than it’s been afforded.
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